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Siblings Discount

Families with more than one athlete qualify for the Sibling Discount.  Family registers one child at the posted registration fee and receive a discount for their other siblings.


Coach's Child Discount

All Head Coaches for a Pro Flag Football league qualifies for the Coach's Child Discount.  This discount offer is for only one (1) child.  Head Coaches must contact the Pro Flag Football office HERE to understand what is required by NFL Flag to be a Head Coach and to ultimately receive a Discount Code to use during registration. 


Refer A Friend Discount

We are excited to offer a Refer A Friend Discount for our inaugural 2023 Fall season.  The Discount is offered AS A CREDIT to the following season.  In speaking to the NFL Flag group, this type of discount is the most abused across other leagues in America and needs to have strict controls to implement successfully.  Once our office confirms the friend being referred has successfully registered, we will issue the Discount credit to the appropriate referring account.  This credit can be used during the following season's registration.


Every Kid Sports Pass

The Every Kid Sports Pass service is offered by a third party partner.  Pro Flag Football has no input or access to influence the decision process of who receives benefits.  We have chosen to offer this service as a benefit only.  Parents are responsible for submitting their application directly to Every Kid Sports and working with them directly to receive a reimbursement of their athlete's league registration fee.  The Pro Flag Football league registration must be paid before any athlete is allowed to participate.  Learn more HERE.

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